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IT Systems Solutions Specialists

I am a computer consultant and have my own company and web-site selling lots of products I have two children and two grand children. And the cost a grand to to look after as well. Plus i like driving really fast cars. Activities:Computer Tech Interests:Sports F1 racing motor sports chess gaming on PS3 Driving fast cars. Favorite Music:Hip-hop And R&b reggae pop classics heavy rock Favorite TV Shows:Thunderbirds, Battlestar Galactica, Captain Scarlet Mysterons, Top Gear, F1 Grand Prix, Star Trek, Star Wars Favorite Movies:Star Wars Old Republic and any Si-fi, James Bond, Star Trek Favorite Books:War Of The Worlds, Bible Niv, James Bond, The shack, The American President I have worked for some large companies and public sector projects. Projects include VOSA (The new MOT SYSTEM) DLVA, British Gas, BG Transco and Transport for London and London congestion charge systems

* Sports
* F1 racing
* Motor sports
* Chess Gaming on PS3
* Driving fast cars.

Favourite Films

* Thunderbirds
* Battlestar Galactica
* Captain Scarlet Mysterons
* Top Gear
* F1 Grand Prix
* Star Trek
* Star Wars

Favourite Music

* Hip-hop
* R&b reggae
* pop classics
* Heavy rock
* Film sound tracks

Favourite Books

* War Of The Worlds
* Bible Niv
* James Bond
* The shack
* The American President
* Any comic books DC
* Marvel.
Main Products/Services:

Architect IT Solutions tailored specifically for your business. (To include UNIX Linux Mac PC)
Provide Green IT solutions
Provide Documentation Management Solutions
Provide CRM Solutions
Consolidation Of Existing IT Systems
Health Check Your IT Systems
Provide Hardware and Software
Provide Network Solutions
Provide after sales training
Provide Technical Support


star trek, james bond, the american president, battlestar galactica, top gear, the shack, activities:computer tech interests:sports f1 racing motor sports chess gaming on ps3 driving fast cars. favorite music:hip-hop and r&b reggae pop classics heavy rock favorite tv shows:thunderbirds, captain scarlet mysterons, f1 grand prix, star wars favorite movies:star wars old republic and any si-fi, star trek favorite books:war of the worlds, bible niv